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Motivating Children

Motiviating Children

The task of motivating children to do something is one that requires a different solution on a case-by-case basis. Different children will obviously respond differently to various stimuli. Determining which way to approach the problem will require you to study the child over time in order to create a more planned out attempt to motivate him or her.

WTF am I talking about? Well, basically there is no sure way to get a kid to be motivated. It's trial and error every time.

And even if the approach is sound, the effects can be vastly different depending upon what environment the child is in. Children who have a reputation to uphold among his/her peers, will likely stand by their reputation. Or if the child has people to show off to, their behavior will likely be influenced by surrounding peers. The same stimulus, when presented on a one-on-one basis may produce totally different results.

Positive encouragement and reinforcement is probably the best way to psychologically influence a child. It may take longer, but will more likely come to fruition. If you tell a child "you're doing really well at your piano playing" more often, the child is more likely to think "hey, I guess I AM pretty good at this"... and would more likely try to play well or practice consistently so that they don't lose a good thing. But if you tell the child "you're not playing well enough, you need to practice a lot more", the child is likely to think "hey, I guess I'm not that good at this, I wouldn't be losing much if I didn't practice".

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Oscar Who?


I don't get why people are all upset about certain movies/actors/actresses winning or not winning an academy award. They get all worked up about it and bash down the movies they don't think deserve to win and praise the movies they think should (have) won.

Heck, everybody has their own right to opinions regarding what movies are good or not. But damn, chill the fuck out please. 🙂 Frankly, I don't really care who wins or who doesn't win. I like some movies and others not so much. No need to get all worked up about things as meaningless as the Oscars (unless you have a direct financial stake in it I suppose).

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Inside Job

Inside Job - Documentary

With regard to my last post about how people attain such financial wealth... I just watched the documentary "Inside Job", which looks into the causes and effects of the recent global financial crisis. Nuff said.

But really folks, the old saying is true. The rich get richer, and the poor get poorer. That is the fact of the current state of the global economy, particularly in the United States. The documentary also looks at the players in government, and how much they gained from the financial recession. It also shows how those same people are still in power.

Cheat, lie, and steal you way to the top. Otherwise, you'll just be a stepping stone for others.

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Smart? Work Hard? Lucky?

San Francisco Luxury Home

Looking at the eloquent mansion-like homes in the more affluent areas of San Francisco makes me wonder how people be come so financially successful.

Are they really smart people who know how to invest? Did they work really hard to achieve what they have? Are they just really lucky and happen to struck it rich? Or perhaps it's both smart and lucky?

I wonder if they just inherited their fortune from their family (aka Old Money). I wonder if they had to really work hard to achieve what they have. I feel like I work pretty hard at my job, yet why am I not as fortunate as them? I think the answer there is because I am not as lucky as them. I mean, I don't want to toot my own horn here but heck, I'm not THAT dumb! 😛 So if I'm above average in education and I work hard, the only other factor is luck right?

Luck, the immutable variable.

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Take That, Spammers!

Just enabled a CAPTCHA WordPress plugin into my comments, so now comments are open!

I still left it to be administrator approval though. 😛

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Hunger is the Best Sauce

I like food. You like food. But the difference between you and me is that you crave flavor. You want your chicken to taste like salt and cheese. You want your pies to taste like sugar. I want my chicken to taste like chicken. I want my pies to taste like pies.

I often think that cook and chefs who are insecure or not confident with their cooking abilities will therefore over compensate by drowning their food in seasoning and sauces. This results in often over salty, over sweet, over everything type of food.

Surely there is skill in the ability to match and accentuate natural flavors, there's no disagreement about that. It's just that I would like to be able to appreciate more natural flavors and not kill my taste buds with sensory overload.

Hunger is the best sauce. This hunger sauce takes time and energy to prepare. Take a stroll around the block. Go for a run in the park. Do some yoga. Play some sports. Have some sex. Have more sex. Whatever floats your boat to get that hunger sauce to perfection.

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Snow Flurries in San Francisco

There were reports of light snow fall in certain San Francisco neighborhoods last night. People were saying it was snowing on Facebook. I put on my jacket and ran outside with my camera hoping to capture the moment, but nothing! It wasn't even raining! Boo!

I guess it was only in higher elevation neighborhoods. Oh well. Today, it's even sunny in San Francisco. Not that I'm complaining, bring on the sun! 🙂

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Sleep Schedule

I haven't been sleeping very consistently lately. Or actually, let me re-phrase that... I haven't been sleeping early enough lately. I've been staying up pretty late for the past month or so more so than before. We're talking about 2AM+. Today, I even woke up at 11AM! I haven't woke up so late in a long time. Thank goodness I had the day off from work today.

I need to get my sleep schedule back in order. Sleep is so easy to take away from and is so often neglected. So tonight I'm going to bed before 2AM for a change. What's that you say? Sleep is for the weak? If sleep is weak, then I am weak. We'll see who's stronger in the morning! 😀

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Decisions Made

Making and finalizing decisions can be a huge milestone in one's life. Not making those decisions can manifest a monkey on your back for a long time, throwing feces and scratching at your head over time. The smell of the monkey is a constant reminder of your unclear path and direction. Lack of good decision making skills can cause you to stay constant or even degrade in your life.

As we've all heard, yet, I'll state it again... life is fleeting, life is short. I want to improve in my life. Staying constant is no longer acceptable. I think I need to become more decisive with my life. Heck, if I haven't figured out what I want out of life by now, then FML. I am tired of having these old monkeys on my back. It's time for change.

Yeah, it's on...

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I'm thinking of starting to write some PHP related post.  I think that by writing them, it will help me to learn and remember certain PHP/programming concepts.

It may just be me rambling about code though. 🙂  Either way, hope you will learn something from them and not get confused.

  print "Hello World!"
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Sunny in San Francisco

It's suppose to snow in San Francisco tonight?  Tomorrow?  From the looks of it, that ain't gonna happen, but we'll see.  The weather can change quickly.  The weather forecasts say that if it does snow, it is unlikely that it will accumulate.  Oh well, I prefer sunny days anyhow!

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Snow in San Francisco?

So weather forecasts say that it's going to snow in San Francisco on Friday Night into Saturday.  Wow!  They say that it has not really snowed here (like an inch) since 1976.  So will it happen?

Obviously native San Franciscans are mostly chattering about this and how awesome it would be.  Sure, great.  I mean, I didn't move from New York to San Francisco to go where the snow is.  I wanted to get away from it and the cold.  If I want to see snow, I'll drive up north to Tahoe.  It's been pretty cold the past week.  Can't wait till our one week of summer gets here.  Oh well, this will be surely the photo opportunity for many people if it does snow enough to blanket the city.

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The Social Network

The Social Network is such a good movie.  Here I am starting up this new blog because I love just how that movie portrays the essence of blogging back in the early 2000s.  The movie starts out portraying Mark Zuckerberg writing on his blog, "Zuckonit", and creates as something to get his mind off of his newly-ex'd girlfriend.

The movie makes it seem that he did this, and as well as create because of a girl.  Later in the movie, Sean Parker's character talks about why he started Napster.  He said that the girl he liked in high school was with the co-captain of the varsity lacrosse team.  So to impress her, he wanted to create the next big thing.  How funny is it that most of what we, guys, do is because of girls?

"Easy enough, except I need an idea"... "Yeah, it's on!"

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