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The Social Network

The Social Network is such a good movie.  Here I am starting up this new blog because I love just how that movie portrays the essence of blogging back in the early 2000s.  The movie starts out portraying Mark Zuckerberg writing on his blog, "Zuckonit", and creates as something to get his mind off of his newly-ex'd girlfriend.

The movie makes it seem that he did this, and as well as create because of a girl.  Later in the movie, Sean Parker's character talks about why he started Napster.  He said that the girl he liked in high school was with the co-captain of the varsity lacrosse team.  So to impress her, he wanted to create the next big thing.  How funny is it that most of what we, guys, do is because of girls?

"Easy enough, except I need an idea"... "Yeah, it's on!"

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