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Hunger is the Best Sauce

I like food. You like food. But the difference between you and me is that you crave flavor. You want your chicken to taste like salt and cheese. You want your pies to taste like sugar. I want my chicken to taste like chicken. I want my pies to taste like pies.

I often think that cook and chefs who are insecure or not confident with their cooking abilities will therefore over compensate by drowning their food in seasoning and sauces. This results in often over salty, over sweet, over everything type of food.

Surely there is skill in the ability to match and accentuate natural flavors, there's no disagreement about that. It's just that I would like to be able to appreciate more natural flavors and not kill my taste buds with sensory overload.

Hunger is the best sauce. This hunger sauce takes time and energy to prepare. Take a stroll around the block. Go for a run in the park. Do some yoga. Play some sports. Have some sex. Have more sex. Whatever floats your boat to get that hunger sauce to perfection.

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