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Smart? Work Hard? Lucky?

San Francisco Luxury Home

Looking at the eloquent mansion-like homes in the more affluent areas of San Francisco makes me wonder how people be come so financially successful.

Are they really smart people who know how to invest? Did they work really hard to achieve what they have? Are they just really lucky and happen to struck it rich? Or perhaps it's both smart and lucky?

I wonder if they just inherited their fortune from their family (aka Old Money). I wonder if they had to really work hard to achieve what they have. I feel like I work pretty hard at my job, yet why am I not as fortunate as them? I think the answer there is because I am not as lucky as them. I mean, I don't want to toot my own horn here but heck, I'm not THAT dumb! 😛 So if I'm above average in education and I work hard, the only other factor is luck right?

Luck, the immutable variable.

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