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Motivating Children

Motiviating Children

The task of motivating children to do something is one that requires a different solution on a case-by-case basis. Different children will obviously respond differently to various stimuli. Determining which way to approach the problem will require you to study the child over time in order to create a more planned out attempt to motivate him or her.

WTF am I talking about? Well, basically there is no sure way to get a kid to be motivated. It's trial and error every time.

And even if the approach is sound, the effects can be vastly different depending upon what environment the child is in. Children who have a reputation to uphold among his/her peers, will likely stand by their reputation. Or if the child has people to show off to, their behavior will likely be influenced by surrounding peers. The same stimulus, when presented on a one-on-one basis may produce totally different results.

Positive encouragement and reinforcement is probably the best way to psychologically influence a child. It may take longer, but will more likely come to fruition. If you tell a child "you're doing really well at your piano playing" more often, the child is more likely to think "hey, I guess I AM pretty good at this"... and would more likely try to play well or practice consistently so that they don't lose a good thing. But if you tell the child "you're not playing well enough, you need to practice a lot more", the child is likely to think "hey, I guess I'm not that good at this, I wouldn't be losing much if I didn't practice".

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