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I heard some interesting things about blogging communities today. It makes sense that if someone is passionate about a particular topic, whether it be movies, travel, cars, etc. that they might blog about it. And with that, they may want to find other people who share the same interest. Certainly some people blog about random stuff (like this one), and these blogs wouldn't fit the community.

Hence, the blogging community. Think, the web rings of the 1990s. Bloggers' articles from the community would be rated by others in the community. Bloggers seeking larger distribution of their content would want to join the community.

Outside users who want to find information on particular topics would visit the community "hub" where they can see the highly rated articles or get the latest articles from the community. Bloggers essentially create a social network amongst fellow bloggers. I suppose getting the bloggers to join the community would be the hardest part.

The Blogging Social Network anybody?

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