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No Progress In Comfort

Your future is in your hands

Progress is best made when we are uncomfortable. Consistent norm or false successes will keep you on the same path that you have been on because if something isn't broken, you are less likely to want to fix or change anything.

In order to make real progress, your mindset has to be one of continual change and upgrade. I do not mean in terms of time, to change before the effects are realized. I mean that your approach needs to be seen as one that can be improved upon.

When we get too comfortable with our lives, we often stop improving ourselves. Our personal progress is often hindered by our comfort or acceptance; comfort in our jobs, comfort in our relationships. It is comfort that is the damper on innovation and creativity. The industrial revolution didn't happen because people loved the way they were living before. No, it happened because people wanted and needed something better.

Now, I'm not saying that if your life is perfect or is going really well, to change it. Nor do I mean to diminish the small steps we all try to take in our lives towards self-improvement, such as learning a language, working out, or practicing mastery of our passions. What I'm saying is that if you believe your life is "ok" or "could be better", that continuing to do the same things is only going to give you the same results. As noted by many including Albert Einstein, "doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results" is the definition of insanity. So, let's not be insane about this.

Let's make a real difference, not a half-ass one. If you are not happy with your physical shape, drinking two sodas a day instead of three is a drop in the bucket. Let's really create some discomfort in our lives in an effort to improve. If you hate your job, don't stick with it because it's "uncomfortable"... no, that's not logical and is not to the point of this article. You have to be able to see the value or improvement in yourself from the discomfort for it to be worth it.

Sure, your life might be pretty nice, and you've got more things to be thankful for than many other people. And if you're satisfied with that, then it is fine. But if you are one of those people who believe in yourself and that you are destined for more in life, then go for it!

The kind of uncomfortableness that I'm talking about isn't ones of crazy illogical acts like go swim in the freezing water instead of sleeping in your cozy bed. You should think in more broad scopes of evaluating where you are in your life. Could you be in a better situation? Could you do more to make the world a better place? The answers to those questions is typically always yes, so why not? I'll tell you why not, because it requires work. It requires commitment. It requires risk. It requires sacrifice.

The grass is greener on the other side

Hard work, commitment, risk, and sacrifice creates the kind of uncomfortable situation that I am talking about. Put yourself in uncomfortable situations, and you'll surely learn something new and gain valuable life experience that you can build progress upon. Even if you fail, you would have learned and gained experience that will help you to move on. Progress through failure.

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  1. Is progress a good thing?

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