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Zend Studio 5.5 vs Eclipse Based Zend Studio

Zend Studio 5.5 was the last version of Zend Sudio that was a standalone IDE. Since then, Zend Studio has been released as an Eclipse based IDE.

I've been doing PHP development since 2005, have been using Zend Studio 5.5 for over the past 3 years and have learned to love it for PHP development. Then last week, I started to use Zend Studio 8 (based on Eclipse)... and boy was it painful!

Here are just SOME of the reasons why Zend Studio based on Eclipse sucks balls and makes it painful to switch from Zend Studio 5.5. Of course there might be a fix for some of these issues, but out of the box it doesn't work and drives me crazy. How would you like it if you bought a computer and out of the box it doesn't do what you expect unless you configure/patch/hack/install plugins for... in order to get it to work?

  • Working with files with 2000+ lines of code is SLLLLLOOOOOWWWWWWW!!!!! Even typing on the editor in a large file, there is like a half a second lag between pressing the keyboard and it showing up on the screen. This is NOT acceptable and is completely horrendous! And I'm running a fucking Intel Core i7 (quad core processor) with 8GB of memory! Zend, you totally fucked up here!
  • No word wrap. Yea, are they fucking serious? Yea, Eclipse doesn't have word wrap, therefore Zend Studio now doesn't have word wrap. How do you go from having word wrap, a basic functionality in nearly ALL text editors and IDEs alike, in Zend Studio 5.x to not having it in the Eclipse based Zend Studio?!
  • You have to create a physical file in order to write any code. WTF?! Why can't I just open up the damn thing and write some code, pseudo code, whatever... without having to create a fucking Eclipse project and file first? In Zend Studio 5.x, I used to always just write/paste in some code and run it in the internal debugger. Now, I have to create an actual file first, which has to be part of an Eclipse project. FML!
  • Shift+Tab doesn't work unless all lines selected have actual tabs. I use Shift+Tab all the time to re-align code. But with this Eclipse based Zend Studio, it doesn't work unless the lines you selected to shift all have actual tabs before them. If one of the lines has a space in front of it, nothing will shift! WTF?! This worked so beautifully in Zend Studio 5.5, in which it would shift all selected lines regardless of what kind of whitespace is before the lines. God damn it, this drives me nuts!
  • No code completion or code hints when opening a remote file. Often times, I work off of remote files. I simply set my WinSCP to edit *.php files using Zend Studio. But when I do this in the Eclipse based Zend Studio, nothing! It doesn't even recognize the functions I declare right there on the same fucking file! And when I go to write a PHP function, no code completion or hints on what the parameters are for the function! You've got to be kidding me! This is suppose to be the Zend fucking Studio IDE, and it fails to give me any code completion or PHP code hints just because I opened a fucking remote file?!
  • Ctrl+D which used to be duplicate a line in Zend Studio 5.5 is now delete a line. This is a tough switch to make. It's virtually completely backwards! How would you like it if Ctrl+V is now copy and Ctrl+C is paste? Would you not want to just break the fucking computer if that was the case?!
  • Syntax highlighting is the Eclipse default purple/bluish color scheme. Well I figured out how to change this one in the preferences, but still. If you're going to ship your product as Zend Studio and not as Eclipse, then fucking make it look better! Cater it to PHP, Mr. Zend, you are suppose to be the PHP company, not the Eclipse company!
  • F5 for debugging no longer works. So again, I used to just open up Zend Studio, write a snippet of code and run the damn thing to see the output. But now there's a whole PHP Debug view that I have to switch to to view debug information. And I don't see right away any short cut to run the god damn code! Plus, the debugger is slow compared to Zend Studio 5.5. Why does it take so long?! Even if I just do a fucking echo "Hello World"; it takes like 2 seconds before I see any output!

All of the above mentioned issues worked beautifully in Zend Studio 5.5. Hence my aggravation with it not working in the Eclipse based Zend Studio like the latest Zend Studio 8. Going from a fully working product to one that just drives me crazy. Of course, you could say that I just don't know how to use the Eclipse based Zend Studio correctly. Sure, you could say that. But I also could say FUCK YOU! 🙂

Zend Studio 8 retails for $299/license. Totally NOT worth it if you ask me. If you're still using Zend Studio 5.5, don't switch or else you will suffer the wrath.

Zend Studio 8...

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  1. PhpEd FTW. My favorite PHP IDE by faaaaaaaar. I’d pay for it twice, that’s how good it is.

    • Wish you would have told me sooner. I already got a license for Zend Studio 8. Then a few days later Zend sends out free licenses for Zend Studio 8. FML

  2. 100% agree with you +and+ also dont attempt to update macs latest java version. It will make your Zend 5.5 unusable (makes dissapear all text selections).
    I had to migrate my IDE to NetBeans.-

  3. It amazes me that Zend actually thinks moving to Eclipse was a good idea. I had hopes that the move to Eclipse would make Eclipse a better platform. Eclipse has it’s own problems, mostly being that it is bloatware.

    I have successfully migrated to NetBeans. While it’s still Java and isn’t perfect it’s much better than Zend Studio, which I am also a licensed user.

    Komodo is also a very good editor but the Subversion integration is a bit weak. Give NetBeans a spin for a week. Hopefully you will see a productivity boost.

    Oh, and NetBeans now has wordwrap, as does Komodo. And it works well.

    • Thanks for your input. I’ve heard a lot of PHP developers suggest Komodo, and might give it a try. I’ll also look into NetBeans.

  4. I hate Zend Studio 8 as much as you do. But having Zend Studio 5 in a Windows 7 OS is quite a pain in the ass too. A wireless mouse’s scroll wheel (up/down) won’t work!!! I heard other netbeans users (and other java based IDEs) were having similar issues too. So now I’m stuck with a wired mouse

    • I tried getting Zend Studio 5.5 to work on Windows 7 as well. I didn’t notice an issue with my wireless mouse wheel, but I couldn’t get the debugger to work. 🙁 I tried looking for help on the Zend Studio forum, but Zend said they no longer support 5.5.

      • Hi Alex, what wireless mouse are you using and what version of Java Runtime Environment installed in your windows 7? Thanks!

        • Hey Chris, I use the Logitech Wireless Combo MK520 (keyboard and mouse). It has a USB interface. I’m using this on my laptop, which is running Windows 7 (64-bit). I’m running Java 6 (64-bit) Update 24 v6.0.240 and Java SE Development Kit 6 (64-bit) Update 24 v1.6.0.240.

  5. Zend Studio 5.5 , was (and is) a damn fine product, why screw with success!!!
    any one who likes Eclipse would have just already used it with the php-dev plugin. lets get real, ok……java applications by nature are not the most responsive things in the world. Eclipse is awesome…., for java devs. Why should I have to run the whole java stack when i’m not doing java!!!!

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