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The Anatomy of a Weekend

I always seem to be unmotivated all weekend until the last minute. That is, Sunday night. I'm sure a lot of people feel the same way.

Knowing that the impending doom of the inevitable work/school week that starts the next day brings to the forefront the ending of the weekend. This can be compared to people with terminal illnesses, who live rather "fulfilling" lives doing the things that they really wanted to do their whole lives, after learning about their illness. They stop sweating the small stupid things in life and really focus on the things that matter to them, such as their family, their friends, their legacy, their passions, etc.

This made me think about the contrast between the work week and the weekend and how our behavior changes during the weekend.

The Anatomy of a Weekend

I believe the typical weekend can be characterized by the following phases.

  • Anticipation

    The anticipation phase may start as early as Thursday evening. Knowledge that the last day of the week is coming may conjure up weekend planning or cause participation in activities such as Thursday night happy hour. As Friday morning comes around, behavior such as listening to Rebecca Black may be exhibited, evident of the lackluster "who cares, just party" attitude. Anticipation is further exacerbated during Friday lunch hour, as the duration of lunch increases significantly. Time watching and Friday office shenanigans are common symptoms of the Weekend Anticipation Syndrome (WAS).

  • Confrontation

    The confrontational phase starts as soon as you leave the office on Friday evening. Here, people will tell their job to suck it by engaging in activities they didn't have time for or were too stressed out to do during the work week, such as going to bars, having nice dinners, or hitting up the clubs. This is generally aimed towards the goal of erasing any bad memories about work during the week by simply getting shit faced and wasted.

  • Recovery

    The recovery phase begins whenever we happen to wake up on Saturday morning. Hangovers and feelings of regret can typically be seen during this phase. The recovery phase may be characterized by lounging around, eating junk food, and frankly doing absolutely nothing most of the day. For those who have not yet subdued the stresses of the work week, the recovery phase may be short lived, as they fall back into another confrontational phase Saturday evening followed by another recovery phase early Sunday.

  • Denial

    The denial phase starts first thing Sunday. Here we go into a brain dead relaxation mode. Unconsciously, we attempt to make ourselves believe the weekend was worth it by relaxing our asses off, eating more junk food, and more brain un-intensive activities.

  • Acceptance

    Acceptance usually takes place Sunday afternoon as we realize it is the last day of the weekend. As we accept the fact that it's the last day, we try to fit in things that seem to make the weekend more productive, such as doing chores or getting some exercise. We want to counteract the guilty feelings of laziness.

  • Motivational

    Then it hits us... late on Sunday nights, the motivational phase finally comes. This is when the greatest ideas come to us. This is also when we feel a magical spurt of energy to work on interesting things. The idea and desire to do bigger and better things. Self improvement and reflection. To make the world a better place. We go to sleep with a new found motivation and outlook on life. Unfortunately this is immediately crushed as the the alarm clock goes off on Monday morning.

A comparison between these weekend phases can be compared to that of the Kübler-Ross Model for the stages of grief. The fact that I am writing such an absurdly thought out blog post on a Sunday night should speak for itself. 😛

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