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First Time Bouldering

Went bouldering for the first time today. 🙂 Went to Planet Granite in the Presido.

It was pretty cool, but was pretty difficult considering how out of shape I am. Plus my wrist has been injured from tennis, so I've been inactive for nearly a month. So performance wise, I totally sucked.

I don't work on grip strength that much. Perhaps I should focus on that a bit before I return to try it again.

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Will Smith, Role Model

I've been hearing these wise, motivational quotes... these inspirational perspectives on life and success. I didn't even know they were from Will Smith.

Wow. I mean I love his acting and his movies. But never knew he has such a masterful drive that he embodies into his own life and career.

Will Smith, my new role model.

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2012 New Year Resolutions

Here's a quick list of my thoughts on what should be focused on and accomplished in 2012. Some are repetitive but oh well!

For body

  • Eat healthy
  • Stop eating so much god damn junk food!
  • Get regular sleep
  • Work out regularly
  • Run regularly
  • Lift them weights!
  • Stretch!

For soul

  • Laugh more 😀
  • Be thankful everyday
  • Pay it forward

For people

  • Keep in contact with friends better
  • Meet new people
  • Be more personable 🙂
  • Appreciate and enjoy people's company more
  • Be kinder to family and friends

For progress

  • Learn and focus
  • Review and practice things learned before regularly
  • Learn and practice a new language!
  • Blog and video blog more

For achievement

  • Run Bay to Breakers
  • Hike Half Dome
  • Run 2nd Half of SF Marathon
  • Travel to a new country

... more added as I think of them in the coming week...

And of course... Happy New Year! 🙂

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