Check It Yeah, It's On


Ready, Fire, Aim

If we wait for perfection, we may die waiting.

A change in one's perspective is ultimately the difference between good and bad, perfect and flaw, positive and negative.

The approach we take to invoke the changed perspective varies.  Who can really flip a bit in their head and have the desired outcome?  Can we train ourselves to in fact be more dumb and less emotional about the way we perceive the world?  Or perhaps we need the stars to align in a formation conducive to being able to see that which is right in front of our eyes?

I am taking a risk.  A leap of faith.  Knowing that the activation energy needed to produce change greatly surpasses the energy needed to sustain it.  The first part of this is making a decision.  A sheer mental decision in laying out new paths in our cognitive roadmap is vital to starting anything.  Now, it is time to step onto the road with which I have laid these cognitive bricks from the future. 

The future is created in our minds.

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