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Mentorship – So It Begins

This summer, I have the unique and privileged opportunity to be a mentor for an intern at work. I am excited and nervous of the opportunity. I do not yet know much about this person and can only hope for someone with an open mind.

As I look back at an old mentorship entry I wrote nearly 3 years ago, I see the truths in my past values now resonating in my preparation for this experience.

In thinking about the concepts I'll try to instill upon the mentee, I have asked him to start a blog. I asked this because I believe that writing is a key skill that will be needed in many facets in life and career. In the future, it will matter less what you write or how you write, so long as you create the momentum of doing.

In doing so, I am reminded that I have not written in my own blog in quite some time. I must try to be prepared and willing to do myself what I ask of others. Though not always capable, where I can, I must try.

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