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San Francisco Pace

I moved out of San Francisco several years ago and don't venture up there much anymore, particularly in the downtown area.

Today, as I walked through SOMA and across Market, I find myself thinking, "has my life slowed down?". Look at these people, all these people, from the business woman, to the Giants fan, to the runners and bicyclists, to the loiterers... they are all out there.  Cars honk by and the hustle and bustle of the city moves around you like a swift current around a rock in the river bed.

I find myself wanting to walk faster than my normal fast.  To catch up to some and to rush by others.  If I went this fast in the peninsula, say San Mateo Downtown, or in the south bay, say Castro Street, people would think I'm rushing to something urgent.  But not here in San Francisco.  The pace here is the norm.

A quick trip to San Francisco is what non-Franciscans like me need to get a reality boost.  The pace is addictive.  It appeals to your every moment.  At the crosswalk waiting for the light, you feel the urge to do something.  A tweet, an email check, a chat, something to continue the momentum until the light turns white.

I miss the city.  I miss your energy.

Until next time, I'll catch you again.

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